Bakery Oven – Rotating Rack Ovens

Rotating Rack Ovens (Gas or Electric)

Bassanina Single Rack FR Compact

Bassanina Single Rack Oven FR Compact

Designed to bring industrial production capabilities to small retail locations and bakeries. Versatility, efficiency, & durability
Bassanina Single Rack Oven - Rotor 57

Bassanina Single Rack Oven Rotor57 Cyclope

Highly versatile, mid-sized rotating rack oven with a European design to minimize its width. It’s designed for continuous 4/7 production.
Bassanina Double Rack Oven - Roller 89 Cyclope

Bassanina Double Rack Oven Roller89 Cyclope

Our best-selling rack oven. Perfect for retail locations or mass production facilities. This oven is bringing great features into any kitchen.

Rotating Compact Rack Ovens

Bassanina Reach In Oven: FR Mini

Bassanina Convection Oven FR MINI 8-10 trays

So many features in such a small package. Powerful convection oven offering true baking versatility, This oven will bake all the goods you can imagine
Rotorbake E2/T2 10T 46 X 66

Bake Off Italiana Rotorbake E2/T2 10 trays

The combination of delicate ventilation and air distribution in this rotating convection oven is outstanding and leads to the mouth-watering experience
Bassanina Single Rack Baby

Bassanina Single Rack Oven Baby 12 trays

Perfect steam distribution is coming even to the tiniest places. The smallest roll-in rack oven you can get. Combine it with proofer to get ultimate production

Convection Ovens

Are you looking for a traditional baking convection oven? To browse our reach-in convection ovens where you add each tray individually into the oven, please click below:

Rack Oven FAQ

What can I bake in a rack oven?

你可以架烤箱烤几乎任何事情,than sourdough/ artisan bread. Rack ovens are convection ovens that have a rotating rack to create an even bake across all baking trays, ideal for quick and consistent baking. When paired with a roll-in rack proofer, a rack oven creates a super efficient production process. Great for sandwich breads, cookies, pastries, buns, pies, cakes, shortbread, granola, bars, & more.

Can I bake pies, panettone or custards in a rack oven?

Yes, it is possible to bakepies, or panettone, or custards in a rack oven! However, baking panettone requires lots of height between trays, so it may be necessary to remove sometrays to make room for them, or to buy specialized racks.

Can you bake artisan or sourdough bread in a rack oven?

While it is possible to bake artisan bread in a rack oven, you won’t be able to achieve the infamous crumb or oven spring typical of artisan bread. To achieve a more authentic bake, it is suggested to use adeck oven.

Do I need to use a proofer or retarder proofer with a rack oven?

如果你烤馒头干、面包、面包卷,羊角面包,or anything that works well with a fast proof process, absolutely, it is suggested to pair a roll-in rack proofer with a rack oven to fully utilize the production capacity of the oven while minimizing floor space needed for “long” or traditional room temperature proofing. A good rule-of-thumb is that your proofer should hold 2x the amount of racks you can bake at once.

As we mentioned before, rack ovens are great to pair with a roll-in proofer. Take a look at the picture on the right, you will see how easily you can roll out from proofer and roll in the oven.

Rollin' from proofer to oven
Do I need a concrete floor for a rack oven?

Yes, you need a concrete floor to install a rack oven in your bakery. Racks ovens don’t have insulation on the bottom steel panel; they radiant significant heat into the floor. If you are looking for a rotating tray oven that can sit on a wood-beam floor, be sure to check out theRotorbakeoven we offer.

Do I need new racks when I buy a new rack oven?

Most oven brands only work with racks designed for that oven, either because of a unique lifting system, or unique size constraints. Fortunately, ourBassanina Double Rack Ovencan come with a turntable that works with almost all rack types. So if you’ve got a bunch of baking racks but need an oven upgrade, definitely check it out.

Does a rack oven have steam?

Most oven brands only work with racks designed for that oven, either because of a unique lifting system, or unique size constraints. Fortunately, our Bassanina Double Rack Ovenscan come with a turntable that works with almost all rack types. So if you’ve got a bunch of baking rack but need an oven upgrade, definitely check it out

Can I place a rack oven right up against another piece of equipment in my bakery?

While we can’t speak for all racks ovens, most of our Bassanina rack ovens are designed to be able to sit side by side and right up against a wall. This minimizes the amount of space these ovens take, giving you more flexibility in your production space.

High quality insulation in the ovens ensures you are even able to place a roll-in rack retarder proofer directly beside the oven.

Roller89 setup

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